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Berke & Carlton

Berke & Carlton

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"I'm looking forward to getting off. It's been a while."

Berke was ready to go and Carlton was sitting next to him, all smiles.

When Berke first arrived, I noticed that he had more hair peeking out of the top of his shirt.

"What you got going on there?" I teased him.

He took his shirt off and his chest hair was longer. It was very, very sexy.

"Cool. You let your hair grow out," I said.

"Yeah on went on some of the 'review' sites and saw that people were wishing I had more chest hair. So, I thought I'd give them what they want."

Now, that's a first for me. He must have found the 'review' sites on his own because I didn't tell him where they were.

"But you don't like your hair?" I asked.

"Nah, it's hot where I live. It really warms you up."

So, fast forward to Carlton and him sitting on the couch.

Carlton loves to get fucked. I mean, he really loves it. He always has this look of bliss on his face when he's getting plowed.

He really liked Berke too. He told me afterwards that he thought he was "hairy and hot."

"How did his dick feel inside you?" I asked.

"It hit all the right spots."

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