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Owen & Brant

Owen & Brant

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We introduced Owen last week, but a fair amount of time had passed between his first video and this one.

In the interim, he had turned 19, cut his hair, and put on even more muscle.

"Damn, you put on some bulk!" I said.

"Yeah, I've been hitting the gym pretty hard," he said.

So now he has a boyish face and a manly body. And here he was, barely 19, about to stick his dick in another guy for the first time.

Brant is 26, so he's a little older (and definitely more experienced) than Owen. Shy but exhibitionistic, I knew he would be a good first lay for Owen.

They kissed awkwardly, and then Brant began servicing Owen's cock.

Owen enjoyed it. He didn't want to, but he did.

I have to say that Owen gave Brant a pretty good fucking. I don't know if he had to think about his ex-girlfriend or not. You never know.

After he blew his load all over Brant's hairy chest, Owen had a big smile on his face. Not bad for a first time!


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