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Trent is just adorable. He's got piercing eyes, a great smile, a lean, tight body, and a beautiful cock with nice hairy balls. He got out of the Army about a year ago (ex-military is a BIG plus in my book). He was really sweet and very fun to work with, but I've got to say that he has one of the shyest dicks I've ever seen...

It seemed like every time I was in the room, his dick would go soft. When I left the room, he would get hard again. He'd never done anything like this before and just couldn't get used to being sexual with another dude in the room. He's married and totally straight, so I tried not to take it personally <grin>.

Undaunted, I set up the trusty tripod, turned the camera on, and left the room. The sections where I am not present are actually the best because he kind of looks at the camera, looks toward the room where I am waiting, looks toward the camera... like he's doing something he shouldn't be doing but wants to do anyway. When he cums, he dumps a load onto his stomach and then gets this "hand caught in the cookie jar" look on his face. He waits for a few seconds before calling me, like he's not sure what to do. This movie is a good example of how, in amateur video, things don't always go as planned but can still be a lot of fun.

Of course, being the selfish bastard I am, I just HAD to see him cum in person. So, he came back a week later and did another session. He was much more comfortable the second time around and I did indeed get to watch him shoot. Both sessions are included in this movie

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