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Cooper is a 20-year-old university student who is taking a semester off for some fun.

When asked about his relationship status, he hesitantly replied, "I'm engaged."

He didn't seem all too happy about it, so I decided to question further.

"Maybe in 2009," he said, referring to the impending wedding date. "I don't want to be strapped down completely right now. Just in case I change my mind."

"Maybe you're not ready?" I suggested.

Now I know it's not my job to play "Dear Abby," but if a guy refers to being married as "strapped down"... I'm just sayin'...

"She was kind of shoving me on to ask her," he said.

Yeah, maybe marriage isn't for him right now.

Plus, he's young and cute. Lean, cut body with a dusting of peach fuzz, adorable face, nice smile, and beautiful eyes.

So before he seals that deal, I think he should do some experimenting...

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