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Willis is one of the most colorful characters I've ever met.

He's 18 and from Tennessee. He was the star quarterback on his high school football team.

"I think I got a little bit of a country accent," he understated. "But I don't think I'm too country."

He'd never been away from home, so coming out to visit us was a first for him.

"A lot of people, like in California and stuff, think we're all running around with no shoes on," he explained.

I love how innocent Willis is, and how fondly he speaks of his home state.

"Which do you like better?" I asked. "Tennessee or California?"

"Tennessee, definitely," he said. "It's modernized, actually. We've got malls."

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" I asked.

"Yeah, I got five brothers and two sisters," he replied.

He's the youngest of the brothers. All of his siblings are married, and he's dating his high school sweetheart.

"Do you think you'll get married any time soon?"

"Probably," he said. "We'll see I guess."

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