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Devin & Reid

Devin & Reid

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Devin and Reid are both really shy.

As they sat on the couch, looking around nervously, I noticed that Devin's pit sweat had soaked through his tight gray t-shirt.

Reid was tapping his foot.

We asked them to kiss. They leaned into each other tentatively and finally their lips met.

To make a long story short, Reid aggressively fucked the shit out of Devin.

"Something in me just came out today," Reid said afterward.

They both had big grins on their faces at that point. Reid had semen all over his chest and stomach.

"The whole rough thing was a new experience," Devin said. "But it was pretty invigorating. I liked it."

"Maybe I could try it one day," Reid said, hinting that maybe he's open for even more...

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