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Auditions 17

Auditions 17

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Guy #1

Quiet, shy, 21-year-old straight guy.

He likes porno movies with blow job scenes in which the girl chokes down a big, thick cock.

When asked if he likes that in real life, he replied, "I don't grab the back of their head or anything. But sometimes they choke themselves with it. That's pretty hot."

Guy #2

21-year-old straight guy. Doesn't say a word through the entire video and had a hard time with the camera being there.

I couldn't tell if he was just shy or what, but definitely not very talkative.

In the looks department, though, really hot body with blond, curly hair and a cute face.

Guy #3

Very outgoing 34-year-old body builder.

If you like 'em beefy!

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