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Neal is 21 years old and active-duty Army.

He was between deployments when a friend of mine brought him in.

He had a full head of hair and some facial hair, which is unusual for active military.

"Yeah, I always grow it out whenever I can," he said. "An Army buddy of mine told me 'Don't take this the wrong way, but you look sexier with a goatee!'"

"That's kind of an odd thing for one guy to say to another," I said.

"Yeah, we were in basic training and neither one of us had gotten off in a while."

Neal has a nice, uncut dick and big balls. He has three brothers and of the four of them only one is circumcised.

"My oldest brother got circumcised," he said. "Then my dad decided not to do it anymore."

"Do you know why?"

"No, my brothers and I don't talk about our circumcisions," he laughed.

I wanted to get Neal back to do more. Unfortunately he was deployed to you-know-where before that could happen.

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