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Owen & Reid

Owen & Reid

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One of the best things about my line of work and about working with these hot young guys is that you really get to see them open up. You really get to know them.

Owen and Reid were both really shy when they first came out — Reid more so than Owen.

Reid had confessed that he was shy around girls. In this video a new tidbit of information surfaced. Reid has a girlfriend who is... a stripper. And to top it off, they enjoy three ways together.

Maybe sticking his dick up another guy's ass has made girls seem a little less intimidating. Whatever works, I always say. Expanding horizons.

It also seems that Owen, who had broken up with his girlfriend when we first met him, is back together with her. And she's apparently OK with him taking it up the butt.

Yes, the times they do change.

Not to waste any time in getting Owen's hole ready for the fucking it was to receive, Reid loosened him up with one of our trademark glass dildos.

And then, conservative at first, but sweaty and flushed by the end, Reid fucked the cum out of Owen...

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