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Berke & Devin

Berke & Devin

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Berke is back and he's looking even more hairy and muscular than ever!

"What have you been up to?" I asked him. "I haven't seen you for a while."

"Just working," he replied.

"I notice that your body hair has grown out a little. It looks good."

"Yeah, I grew it out for you guys," he said. "I'm going to shave it off after we're done!"

Hey, he knows what I like!

Devin was all grins when he met Berke. There was a definite attraction in the air and I believe that Devin was truly looking forward to getting fucked. Perhaps Devin is slowly moving into "bi" territory.

This was a really fun film to make. Berke's big humpy body fucking the shit out of Devin's smaller, smoother frame...

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