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Richard & Skip

Richard & Skip

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Richard is one of those guys I thought would never, never, never come back and do "man sex" of any kind. He was just so stoic and quiet the first time I met him and he was quite anxious to ensure that I knew he was straight.

So I didn't think that he'd bite when I asked him if he wanted to do more. But that doesn't mean I didn't try!

Skip, whom we previously met as "Guy #3" in "Auditions 20", was also very quiet, but openly gay. Although he didn't say much in his first video, the way he shoved the large dildo up his ass told me he was probably up for more.

So Richard (to my surprise) said "yes" and Skip was anxious to get fucked.

The two of them got together and it was awkward to say the least. Richard was acting more macho than ever and Skip seemed really nervous.

To break the ice, Skip started to give Richard a blow job. Richard was doing this breathing thing that he does when he's nervous. I guess it's a coping mechanism or something. His cock was rock hard though, so I think he liked it!

Then, Richard went to put his cock in Skip's ass and things really took off. Skip is an eager little bottom and I think that Richard really liked the feel of his tight, warm ass...

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