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Blowing Carl

Blowing Carl

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Last time Devin was out, I mentioned that I suspected he was moving toward "bi" territory. He's just been really ambiguous about his sexuality, using gender-neutral pronouns and such.

He was in the car on the way back from picking up Carl. Carl had returned to get his giant dick sucked and Devin was going to be the lucky one to do it!

One of our guys asked Devin, "So what's the biggest dick you've ever had in your mouth?"

"Probably 8," he replied.

"Whose was it?"

"My ex's," he said. By the look on his face he knew he'd been caught.

"Are you gay or straight then?"

"Ummmm," he hesitated, "I was bi. But then I came to the conclusion that I wasn't bi anymore."

I don't know if we had anything to do with it, but I'm happy that Devin can finally be himself!

Of course, none of this caused Carl any discomfort. Without skipping a beat, he proceeded to whip out his balls and yards of scrotum and talk about what a whore his ex-girlfriend is. Straight guys are so funny!

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