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Harley & Berke

Harley & Berke

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I was on a ski trip a few months ago. I'm not very good at skiing (kind of clumsy, actually), but it's fun to be outdoors and thoroughly embarrass yourself every once in a while!

A friend of a friend had invited a bunch of us over to a house that he and his partner had recently finished building. It was a beautiful contemporary sitting on top of a snow-capped hill.

I asked one of the partners if they would be interested in letting us film there. He thought (and his partner agreed) that it would be fun to host a production.

So, about a month later, I returned with a group of hot, young guys in tow. Ski season was still in full swing and the home owners were wonderful hosts. They really took a shine to our guys, and one especially: Harley.

That wasn't surprising at all since Harley is a charmer. He gets along with everyone!

I thought it would be fun to spend our first night of the ski retreat having Berke fuck the shit out of Harley.

Berke has been working out a lot lately and he's very humpy looking these days!

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