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Addison & Devin

Addison & Devin

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I’ve been making films for more than a few years now, and I’ve seen more than my share of hot sex, but even I have to say this one was exciting to watch. Devin started out this trip a little "standoffish" and he was definitely trying to throw some machismo around. Maybe it's because he's newly "out." However, as this film opens up you can see Devin totally melted into submission as soon as Addison got his big hands on him!

The ski retreat mountain home proved to be a sexual obstacle course for Addison. He wanted to fuck Devin on this, on that, on the stairs, THROUGH the stairs… these two guys obviously had a lot of fun making this film.

If you’ve been watching Devin’s progression lately you’ve noticed he’s opened up nicely to this whole guy-on-guy thing. At first he seemed a little hesitant at the idea of taking such a huge dick, but his facial expressions and verbalizations tell a different story. Like some of my Southern buddies say, “The toes don’t lie!”

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