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Dakota is a 20-year-old college student. He was on the football and wrestling teams in high school and is now wrestling on the college level.

He had a lot of interesting stories about those sexy little singlets that the guys have to wear (which I've always found to be very homo-erotic). But the most interesting information he had to convey was about two wrestling moves that I'd never heard of: the "butt drag" and the "oil check."

The "butt drag" is when one of the guys applies pressure to or rubs his hand against his opponent's rectal region. The "oil check" is when he actually sticks a finger up his opponent's asshole!

Both moves are intended to distract one's opponent — which I'm sure they would!

I didn't believe him, but a little Googling after the fact revealed that he was telling the truth. Now I'm wondering if all those hot Mormon wrestlers I went to school with were checking each other's oil!

Anyway, Dakota says he's straight, but added a "but"...

"I've experimented with guys before," he said. "In college."

"I've been played with a little bit by another guy," he said. "And I've played with guys a little bit myself."

When I pressed him on what he meant by "played with" he said, "Blowjobs, mostly."

So, he's straight but curious!

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