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Ken is one fun package o' man!

I met him online late one night. I think he was looking for a hook up and was a little surprised when I told him who I was. At first he didn't believe me, and then he said he wasn't interested, but before the night was over he was all about it.

"It was something ridiculous to do." That was the reason he gave for his interest in the video interview he did.

He's openly gay, which is really great because he's just as sexy as they make 'em and I'm hoping we can have some good times with him!

His arms are absolutely beautiful, with big, rock-hard biceps. He's got a furry chest, stomach, and legs. And his legs — just perfect, with nice big calves that he likes to show off.

He's very adventurous and was quick in this video to stick something in his man hole, so I'm excited to see what's next!

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