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Fuller & Dakota

Fuller & Dakota

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"I'm a little bit nervous," Fuller said. "Today will be my first time, um, on the bottom."

He seemed to be more than a little nervous, though, fidgeting and smiling.

"I'm nervous dude," he admitted. "You have no idea!"

When asked how he thought it would be: "Painful at first, might enjoy it at the end."

He said he's fucked girls up the ass, and I know he's had his cock up one man ass for sure. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show him both sides.

Dakota was a very skilled top, thankfully. And Fuller's predictions about how things would unfold turned out to be true.

The fucking was so intense that 1) our couch was left with teeth marks from Fuller biting it, and 2) the moaning and yelling and whimpering was so loud it was probably heard clear across town!

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