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"So we have another military boy," our interviewer said. "You just got out of the Marines."

"Yes, Sunday actually," Evan said. Sunday had been a mere two days prior.

"I was a combat air traffic controller," Evan explained.

"So you basically blew up bad guys," our interviewer replied.

"Pretty much, yeah."

When asked about his orientation, Evan replied "gay," and when asked about his pitcher/catcher status he laughed and said, "I'm versatile."

Why are all Marines so fucking hot? I mean really. Evan has puppy dog eyes with a perfect smile and a lean, ripped body. And he's gay to boot!

"What's your favorite position when you're getting pounded?" he was asked.

He laughed, then replied, "Doggie style. Actually, it's reverse cowboy."

And finally: "Does your boyfriend know that you're doing this?"

Still laughing, Evan replied, "Uh, yeah."

Now if it seems like the interviewer already knew all the answers to the questions before he asked them, it's because he did. Evan is the interviewer's boyfriend!

Yes, we have a hot staff here at!


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