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Joey & Billy

Joey & Billy

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"When was the last time you fucked a guy?"

"Around two or three weeks ago," Joey responded.

"Did you top or bottom?"

"Uhhh," Joey said hesitantly. "I was a bottom."

That's what I love about Joey. He's got thick dick that he loves to use, a beautiful, beefy, muscular body, and a supremely confident attitude.

So far we've only seen him tear up ass. I'm hoping that we get to see his bubble butt plowed soon!

Billy has been away for a while.

"I've been busy with school and work," he said.

Apparently, the last time he had sex was six months ago — the last time he visited us. I'm not saying I don't believe him, but I don't!

He did seem kind of nervous about getting fucked by Joey. He told me that he'd seen Joey's pictures on the website and was kind of afraid of Joey's "girth!"

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