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Blowing Todd

Blowing Todd

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Todd and Fuller were sitting on the trusty massage table that we pulled out of storage.

That massage table has seen some pretty fun times!

"You've never had a dick in your mouth?"

"No, sorry to say that I haven't," Fuller replied, laughing.

"That pretty mouth of yours has never had a dick in it?"

"No, no..."

"Well that's a shame."

Todd was just smiling. He's never been with another guy and, according to him, had never even thought about.

My favorite part about getting two straight guys together is when you have them get undressed. Watch their faces closely as they look at the other guy's body, checking him out. They always look at the other's guy's dick. Always. It's a riot!

I believe Fuller when he says he's never had a dick in his mouth. He gives head like a straight guy. Kind of clumsy, but lots of suction!

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