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Curtis & Todd

Curtis & Todd

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When we first met Curtis, he told us that he didn't have any experience with other guys, but that he had thought about it.

"Maybe just to experiment, see what I like." Those were his words.

Well, you know me. I love to experiment! And after learning about Curtis' girlfriend and all the "weird, crazy" stuff they do I knew that, with Curtis, the experiments were going to be fun!

Todd, on the other hand, seemed like a tougher nut to crack.

Clean-cut, preppy, and kind of straight laced, Todd seemed to me like the solo-only type. But I had hope after we cracked the ice with a blow job from Fuller's pretty mouth!

So when Todd and Curtis met it was (as is often the case) awkward. I wasn't sure if Curtis was even going to be able to find Todd's asshole.

But he did, and Curtis' fat cock went up Todd's lean, hairy ass...

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