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Henry was a quiet one at first.

He's from the south and confessed that he's never been away from home. Not unusual for a 19 year old, so it was understandable that he was a little overwhelmed.

Getting him to say anything was like pulling teeth.

A few "Oh, yeah"s were all we could get at first. Bless his heart for trying though!

After he squirted out his first load, though, he really opened up. I think that with the shy ones once they dump their first load they're usually OK. Maybe they're just afraid they won't be able to do it.

Once he got to know us he got quite a bit more verbal.

For one, he doesn't have a girl friend anymore.

"Broke up," he said. "Got into too many fights."

Her loss. The body on this young man is next to perfection. Cute face, muscular, smooth body, and a bubble butt with a lightly hairy crack that is so nice it's all you can do not to just dive right in with your tongue!

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