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Trey & Barry

Trey & Barry

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When I was in high school, there were no guys on the cheerleading team. It simply wasn't allowed. Yes, the cheerleading team always consisted of rich, pretty, stuck-up, bitchy girls in tight sweaters and short skirts. At the games, you had to look past them at the football team to get your fill of man candy.

So I was absolutely delighted when, twenty years later, I went to my high school reunion and found that every single one of those girls had morphed into a fat, frumpy version of their former selves (and unfortunately so had the man candy!)

OK, I know. That was mean. Sorry.

But thankfully, things have changed, and all over the country cheer squads (as they are now called) have as members hot, young, muscular, nimble, male gymnasts such as Trey !

Now Trey says that he is "straight." And I'm just the messenger.

But the way he looked at Barry, sucked Barry's cock, and fucked Barry's asshole makes me think there might be some wiggle room there!

And Barry. Wow. He's looking better than ever, all muscular and hairy and beefy.

Yes, there was definitely electricity between them. You could see it in Trey's face. That spark you feel when you're really, really into someone. It was definitely there!

This movie is definitely all about the cheer squad stud fucking the shit out of the quarterback!

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