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Eric & Fuller

Eric & Fuller

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Eric is no stranger to cock. He mentioned in his first video that he'd had a boyfriend at one point, but it didn't work out.

This time he opened up a little bit more about what he likes.

Apparently, he prefers girth over length (something I've also heard from my female friends), and likes a nice, thick cock up his ass. However, according to him, it's been about a year since he's had it.

Fuller is just fucking adorable. With a big smile on his face he told us that he likes to top "bigger" guys. He got to take Berke's cherry and I swear that gave him a taste for the big dudes!

After getting the shit pounded out of him by Fuller, Eric actually came twice, the second being the more voluminous of the two. I asked him if that was common for him and he said sometimes he comes 4 or 5 times when he gets fucked!

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