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Alex jerked his hot Latin cock and blew a huge load of creamy white cum all over his chest. A pool of it collected in his belly button.

He took his fingers and scooped up a sample, which he tasted.

"It's sweet like an apple," he said.

He told us that he has sex at least once a week and that he has a penchant for girls who swallow his cum.

"They tell me a lot that my cum tastes good," he said.

When asked about what kind of sex he likes, he replied, "Rough sex is always good. They always like that!"

The next day was very warm, so our guys decided to take Alex to a friend's pool.

After a short swim, Alex dumped another huge load into the hot tub. It was kind of messy but also strangely fascinating to see the thick white ropes sink slowly to the bottom!

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