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Auditions 24

Auditions 24

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Guy #1

Bisexual. 18 years old.

Young, skinny, and blond. Works construction in Ohio.

When asked what he does for fun: "Man, I live in Ohio. There ain't no fun!"

Said he just got out of a relationship with a girlfriend, but has also had experience with guys.

"I've got blow jobs, I've given blow jobs. I've never actually had sex though."

Guy #2

Straight. 19 years old. Also a construction worker.

Has a big dick which he handles awkwardly like it's a garden hose!

Very quiet. The only words he utters: "Oh man, I'm going to cum!"

Guy #3

Straight. 19 years old.

Martial artist. Has a girlfriend.

When asked about sexual experiences with guys, he said he's thought about it but never tried anything. He was very anxious for that portion of the conversation to be over!

Very cut and muscular with a light dusting of blond peach fuzz on his chest.

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