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Rick & Gene

Rick & Gene

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It's always fun to watch a guy's progression from "totally straight" to "well maybe" to "OK".

The first time Rick was here he said that even so much as a finger up his ass was a line he "didn't want to cross."

He did seem to like rubbing his asshole, though, so I knew there was hope!

We brought Gene and Rick together to flip-flop. First Rick was going to fuck Gene and then Gene was going to take Rick way across "that line" and fuck him.

We started out with a little sucky-sucky action. I was surprised at how Rick took to Gene's cock. Usually a straight guy needs at least some guidance. Rick was popping Gene's cock in and out of his mouth and going, "Ahh!"

Maybe Rick has been watching a lot of pornos. Who knows?

"That line" vaporized into thin air when Gene started fucking Rick.

When Rick came, he was moaning, "Pump me! Pump me! Pump me!" That was also a surprise.

Another surprise: Rick shot so hard he hit Gene in the face!

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