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Dave is a tall guy at 6'2". He's from the midwest and he is the epitome of corn-fed boy-next-door hotness!

He has an athletic, muscular physique and a chiseled, handsome face with bedroom eyes and very nice lips.

He grew up on a farm, and with his laid-back, matter-of-fact responses to our questions it's not hard to imagine him working out in the field, shirtless and sweating, with a straw between his teeth!

"I have a girl friend back home," he said, when asked about his relationship status.

"Does she know you're out here?"


"What would she think if she knew?"

"Couldn't tell ya," he said. "Wouldn't try asking her."

He says there are no marriage plans in the immediate future.

"I love to work out," he said. "I love my family. Just being around people, friends, and having a good time."

And to sum it all up:

"But the baseball diamond is my life."

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