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Shane & Evan

Shane & Evan

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"Are you a little nervous to get railed on camera for the first time?" our camera guy asked Evan.

As you will remember, our camera guy is Evan's real-life boyfriend.

"A little bit, yeah," Evan replied.

"More nervous because I'm here?"

"Um, yeah," Evan said. "That's part of it."

"I'm going to be filming my boyfriend getting railed today," our camera guy said to Shane. "How do you feel about that?"

"I feel pretty honored," Shane said. He and Evan laughed.

Evan had requested to be in a film with Shane. Evan's boyfriend had filmed Shane originally and they both thought Shane was hot.

"It's all good," Evan said. "As long as he can toss me around a little bit."

Shane, who is barely 18, told us last time that he likes to "tear up" a guy's ass by fucking him hard, Evan loves to get fucked so I knew it was going to be a great match.

"I'll take your spot," Shane said to Evan's boyfriend. "Ready for the day."

"OK," our camera guy replied. "He's pretty feisty, so go for it!"

Now, it's really a treat to see two guys click as much as Shane and Evan did.

By the end, both of them were sweaty and one was covered with cum.

"Did you like my performance?" Shane asked Evan's boyfriend. "I did it just for you."

I think that maybe Shane was hoping for a threeway!

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