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Dave & Trey

Dave & Trey

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Dave is a big hunk of stud and from the moment I met him I hoped that he would be the "experimental" type. He's just so hot, with his chiseled face and body, perfect ass, and "husband-sized" cock!

All the girlfriend talk in his first video, however, kind of dampened my hopes that he would return. Plus, he seemed kind of conservative to me so that didn't seem promising either.

But if there's one I've learned it's that you shouldn't let assumptions stand in the way.

So after a few phone calls there he was, even more muscular and cuter than before, standing next to Trey, who had the biggest grin on his face I've ever seen.

So what happened with the girlfriend?

"It was just a matter of getting things cleared up at home," Dave said in his southern accent. "Things are cleared up at home, so they're cleared up here."

I'm not really sure what he meant by that and I didn't ask.

I don't think Trey cared either. It was obvious that he COULD NOT WAIT to get Dave's pants off and that's all he had on his mind.

Just before we started, Trey pulled me aside and asked if he could eat Dave's ass. You know, to sort of get things warmed up.

Dave was being surprisingly agreeable and it actually seemed like he enjoyed it.

It's not often that I get jealous. But I was fucking jealous that of Trey on this one!

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