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We picked Lucas up from the airport in the late afternoon.

Making our way through traffic, we were shooting the shit with him.

"What do you do for fun?"

"Pretty much anything that gets my heart racing," he replied.

Interesting. It also turns out that he has a wild girlfriend who likes to have sex with him in public places.

So, we asked him if he would be willing to rub one out in the car for us.

He's pretty laid back, so his response was a subtle smile and a "sure."

We parked by the water and didn't see anyone else around.

He got undressed in the back seat, revealing his smooth lean body, and began rubbing his cock.

He was kind of nervous about getting caught, looking around while he got closer and closer to orgasm.

Then he blew a (very healthy) load all over his stomach and chest.

In true straight-guy fashion he was in a big hurry to wipe it off.

"It's gross," he said. Straight guys!

He said he's only tasted cum once, when he kissed his girlfriend just after she gave him head...

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