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Josh is 22, tall, and blond, with a cute face and a contagious smile.

When asked about his relationship status, he replied that he has "girlfriend... s...".

He did, however, admit to some gay experimentation in college:

"When I was 19," he said. "You know, getting off to college, I got a little curious and..."

His reason:

"Because I grew up in the south where everyone is so flagrantly homophobic. So I thought that meant maybe I should try something, and I did."

Rebellion — always a good reason! So what did he do?

Well, it turns out that there was more than one incident, mostly comprised of other guys giving him head and then swallowing his load.

Now, Josh says he's straight and I'm always very careful to just report what the guys the tell me. Personally, I always maintain a healthy amount of skepticism. Here, I'll let you decide.

Josh is certainly one of the more "animated" guys I've come across.

His cock is sort of average when it's soft, but when it gets hard it transforms into a big, thick monster which he seems to love jerking with both hands. And when he cums... well, he's very, very enthusiastic about his orgasms!

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