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Tyler is from the midwest and he's current going to school for an architectural degree. He's also gay and single.

"Why are you single?"

"I have this issue of falling for guys that are completely unavailable," he said. "Either because they're in a relationship or they're straight."

He says he likes guys who are a smooth and have big muscles!

Tyler has pale skin with contrasting dark body hair.

"You don't shave at all?"

"No," he said. "I hate doing that. It makes it all itchy. And I like the hair."

He's familiar with our website and had been thinking about applying for a while.

When he finally got here: "It was a little weird walking in the first day and seeing stuff that I recognized!"

"Do you have a favorite guy on the site?"

"Yeah," he said with a smile. "Joey. He's pretty hot."

"So you would be in a movie with him then?"

"Yeah. Definitely!"

"And what would you like Joey to do to you?"

"Pretty much anything he wanted!"

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