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Kurt & Paul

Kurt & Paul

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"So today you have come to get fucked!"

"Yep. That's me!" Kurt said.

I was excited. I really like Kurt and his cute accent and I really wanted to see his ass get plowed!

"How do you feel about that?"

"Excited," he said. "Ready to get going!"

"Really?" our camera guy said, verbalizing what I was thinking. "But you're straight."

"Yeah," Kurt said, laughing. "I know."

"Have you ever had anything in your butt before?"

"Um, no," he said. "Not really."

"Not a girlfriend's finger or anything?"

"No, just my own finger."

"When was that?"

"I think you told me to do it the last time I was here!"

Kurt and Paul both broke out laughing. I think Paul was getting his kicks out of listening to Kurt's rationales!

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