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Dustin was pretty eager to jerk off for us.

"I do it everyday," he said. "Now I'm just doing it with people watching. It's kind of awkward but it's still fun at the same time!"

Dustin has a fairly hairy chest and stomach, but it's his ample pubic hair that I thought was really hot (especially when it got all wet and matted with lube)!

He's got a girlfriend, but their relationship is fairly new.

"For right now it's just 69," he said, conveying that they mostly just partake in oral.

"But I'm hoping to try some new things," he added. "We've been looking on the Internet for some different positions. I'm hoping to try those out when I go see her."

He especially wants to fuck her up the ass: "She said if I take her Fiji it might happen, so..."

Well, I can guess where the money he made from this film is going!

He's not totally against the idea of her fucking him in the ass with a dildo or something, but for now: "We'll just keep it to me putting it up her butt."

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