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Bryce played basketball all through high school and is currently on a collegiate team with a full scholarship. So I guess he must be good!

At 6'6" he's one of the tallest guys I've ever worked with. He was barely able to walk through our doors without ducking.

He's straight and has a girlfriend. And he has a gigantic penis that even looks big on his large frame!

"Does your girlfriend ever have a problem with your girth?"

"Sometimes we have to start slow," he said. "You can't just jump right into it. You have to let her adjust."

Bryce loves anal sex, but the current girlfriend isn't giving in.

He's also pretty vocal when he jerks off, especially when he get's close.

It kind of went like this: "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God," and then a big first spurt that almost hit him in the face but instead went clear over his shoulder. He kind a jumped a little so I think it surprised him!

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