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Auditions 25

Auditions 25

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Guy #1

Gay. 27 years old.

Hot body, chest, and abs. Very vocal when he cums!

Says that in a relationship he's "50/50" top/bottom. When it's just a hook-up, he says "it's much better to be on top!"

Guy #2

Bisexual/gay? 21 years old.

Cute boy-next-door type.

He told us, "I've never dated a guy before, but I've hooked with a guy before."

When asked to elaborate: "We jerked each other off, we gave each other blow jobs, and he fucked me. I didn't fuck him though."

They did it doggy style. "I liked the way it felt with him pounding against me!"

Says he has an "on-again-off-again" girlfriend.

Guy #3

Unknown orientation. 27 years old.

Very tan, beefy, big lips!

Doesn't say much except: "I'm very horny!"

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