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Pete & Kurt

Pete & Kurt

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When I first met Pete, he said that he liked girls, but his hesitation and his use of the phrase "they're a pain" made me think there was something more there.

He was being very secretive about his sexual past, which is unusual. Most of the guys are all about spilling the details about every past sexual encounter, real or (sometimes) imagined!

It actually took us a while to get Pete hooked up with another guy. But once he was sitting next Kurt, I knew that persistence had paid off!

"He's got a pretty big toy," our camera guy said to Pete, referring to Kurt's big schlong.

Pete was rubbing Kurt's leg and smiling so big you could see all of his perfect, white teeth.

"I can handle it," Pete said. "I'm pretty confident."

So my intuition was starting to prove correct.

And then the bombshell:

"If I'm with a guy I'm loud," Pete said.

So he has been with another guy... yes!

And that's good, because he was able take Kurt pretty easily...

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