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Doug & Pete

Doug & Pete

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I've been learning more and more about Pete. He's slowly coming out of his shell and really starting to enjoy himself!

In his last encounter (with Kurt) he was just squirming all over the place as Kurt fucked the shit out of him.

So he was pretty happy to be back...

"What's going on today?" we asked him.

"A little bit of fucking," Pete said.

"Who's getting fucked?"

"I am," he said, with a sheepish grin on his face.

"How do you feel about that?"

"Good!" he said. "It makes my feet feel all 'tingly!'"

That made Doug (who was sitting beside him) laugh.

Doug told us he is bisexual when we first met him.

His experience with another guy has been limited to one encounter where he sucked the guy off and then fucked him from behind, doggy style.

I could tell he liked Pete. Maybe he has a thing for blonds?

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