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Kurt & Matt

Kurt & Matt

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Individually, Kurt and Matt always guarantee a really good time. They're incredibly hot, they're smart, both of them have great senses of humor, and let's not forget the big cocks!

I thought it would be interesting to see how their personalities meshed.

"So you've both been here a couple of times," our camera guy said. "What have you come to enjoy that you didn't expect?"

"The cumshot at the end!" Matt said quickly.

"Yeah!" Kurt added. "That's the best!" (I love how Kurt always has this mischievous smile on his face when he answers our questions.)

"Cuz you're fucking for so long..." Matt said.

"You got a huge load built up and you just 'BOOM'!" Kurt added.

"Yeah," Matt said. "It's an unnatural amount of cum..."

So they've both had some experience fucking (Kurt more so that Matt, but we're working on that!).

Their favorite positions?

Kurt said, "Face down, ass up!"

To which Matt replied: "I like to do some pounding, so face down, ass up sounds great!"

With that answer, the look on Kurt's face said it all...

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