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"I bet you were a cute kid," I said to James.

I know that's an odd thing to say to someone when you first meet them, but I was about to see him naked so that kind of throws convention out the window!

"Yeah," he replied. "I guess so."

"You've had girls all over you your entire life, haven't you?"

"Yeah," he said with a little smile.

James is fucking adorable. I couldn't wait to see him naked. And I wasn't disappointed!

He's got a ripped physique, a bubble butt, and a nice uncut cock.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"The midwest," he replied. "Farm country."

James is playing the field, but he's anxious to settle down and get married.

"I like country girls," he said. "Kind of the housewife type... cook, clean, and cute. I love the cowboy boots and the cowgirl hats."

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