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Auditions 27

Auditions 27

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Guy #1

Bisexual. 21 years old.

Has had some experience with guys.

His first time: "We did just about everything. It was a threesome. Two guys and one girl."

He said the girl wanted to see some guy-on-guy action.

"We took turns. I gave him head and then he'd give me head."

Then they fucked.

Did he like it?

"Yes I did," he said. "But he had a big dick. It hurt."

Guy #2

Straight. 19 years old.


Was on the football team in high school.

Lean, muscular body. Uncut dick. A nerd/jock hybrid!

Guy #3

Straight. 20 years old.


Says he like to stay single and that he hooks up with a different girl every week.

Was really nervous and wasn't sure what to make of the whole deal!

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