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Evan & Matt

Evan & Matt

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"So you're a power top now?" our camera guy asked Matt.

"Yeah, I gotta specialize," he said.

"Specialize in pounding tight ass?"


"What are you doing mister?" our camera guy asked Evan (his boyfriend in real life).

"Well, I have to counter his power top with power bottoming," Evan replied.

"So what have you been up to?"

(I think it's funny our camera guy asked this because he knew very well!)

"School," Evan replied.

"Out of the Marines and full time student now?"

"Yeah, it's fun," Evan said. "College campuses are dangerous. Lots of cute boys."

From there Matt pretty much fucked the shit out Evan. To be honest, I think Matt got off on fucking Evan in front of his boyfriend!

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