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Hawaii - Jake & Pete

Hawaii - Jake & Pete

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Things have been really busy here lately. I needed a vacation and a little change of pace.

Plus, the weather here in San Diego has been unseasonably cool and gray, and I was in the mood for some sunshine!

Believe it or not, I'd never been to Hawaii. I've been to pretty much every state in the nation chasing after hot boys, but oddly enough, never there.

So I checked out the weather reports and found that Hawaii was sunny and in the 80s. Sweet!

I hunted around online and found this incredible house for rent on the main island. So I booked it for a couple weeks and started packing.

I knew I'd be bored without at least some work, so I thought it would be cool to have a couple of our camera guys come out for part of the trip, and then to have a few of our hot young studs come out to hang and shoot a few films here and there.

So I got there and the house was far better than I had imagined. Totally off the hook with an amazing private pool!

For the first few days I did nothing but lay around, drink, and read (and OK, maybe hook up with some of the hot island boys).

Then Jake and Pete arrived and we were able to "break in" the house for the first time.

The house had an amazing kitchen and we decided to do at least part of our first film there.

I have to hand it to the guys... they came up with some pretty imaginative positions and even a very creative use of the kitchen sink!

Pete is becoming quite the little bottom boy!

I really enjoyed hanging out with the boys and filming them fucking. Being out of our element made it extra fun!

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