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Hawaii - Isaac and Kurt

Hawaii - Isaac and Kurt

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Isaac had broken up with his boyfriend and was very, very enthusiastic about exploring his wild side and doing some guy-on-guy videos.

And, of course, when the subject of Hawaii came up he was even more excited!

I'd been in Hawaii for a few days when Isaac arrived. Kurt was already there and so he and I went to the airport to pick up our new guest.

Kurt was cracking jokes the entire trip back to the vacation house and I could tell that Isaac was immediately taken with him. I think that Isaac was having a hard time dividing his attention between the hunk sitting next to him and the beauty of the scenery as we drove.

Back at the house, Isaac got settled in and I was anxious to catch his chemistry with Kurt on film.

Isaac says he's more of a bottom, but he and Kurt did some serious flip-flopping and it seems Isaac is a great top too!

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