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Hawaii - Jake & Keith

Hawaii - Jake & Keith

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Man, we had such a great time in Hawaii!

The food, the sun, the water, the weather... everything was perfect.

And it was fun to hang out with some of the guys and watch them play around.

Jake was one of my favorites. Sometimes when you travel with someone there's at least some drama, but not with Jake. He was so happy to be there and I think he genuinely liked the other guys who were there.

The films we did in Hawaii were not planned out beforehand.

We just did them when we felt like it, and how we hooked the guys up was determined by how well they got along during the leisure time.

Keith Keith was also pretty mellow and low key. He'd been fucked a couple of times back on the "mainland," and was anxious to do some fucking.

So we thought we'd have Keith fuck Jake first and then have them flip-flop it around.

Turns out, Keith is a great bottom and I think that's what he enjoys the most!

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