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So our conversation with Seth took some interesting twists and turns!

We started out by asking him if he'd told any interesting lies...

"That would have to be cheating on my girlfriend with a guy," he confessed. "She actually caught me in the act."

Well, Seth is 22 and he's a senior in college, so a little experimentation is to be expected!

"She came in one night and I was in my room with another guy," he explained "She flipped out and that was the end of that relationship."

I guess he didn't care all that much, because she left and Seth and his friend just went back at it.

"He was kind of uncomfortable doing it at first, and so I kind of had to ease him into it," Seth said about his partner.

"Before you knew it we were doing each other in the butt. It was great!"

And to make things even more interesting, his hookup was a fellow classmate!

"We actually met at school. We sat next to each other in biology class and one thing led to the next."

So where does that leave Seth on the gay-straight scale?

"I would say I'm bi," he said hesitantly. "Even though I'm really leaning more towards guys at this point."

And the best part was:

"I'm just sick of girls and their attitudes and all the baggage that comes with it!"

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