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Dennis & Evan

Dennis & Evan

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I was really, really excited about Dennis' return visit.

I'm a big fan of "low hangers," especially when they're attached to a really hot guy!

Dennis had dropped a lot of hints that he was interested in doing some guy-on-guy stuff. He was really excited too!

His only concern: he wanted someone hot.

Now, everyone has a different idea of what "hot" is. I learned that early on!

"So what are you looking for?" I asked.

"Maybe someone in their twenties," he said. "Handsome face, nice body, not too hairy."

He seemed to put a lot of emphasis on the "handsome face" part.

I thought about it, and I knew his perfect match would be Evan!

I was nervous when they first met, because I wanted Dennis' first experience to be good.

I could tell they immediately clicked.

Dennis was giving Evan lots of compliments, and Evan (who I know pretty well at this point) had that look in his eye (which I have also come to know pretty well).

"I like his chin, the jaw," Dennis said about Evan when asked. "He's very good looking."

I could tell what Evan was thinking. We had told him about Dennis' cock!

"I was a little concerned," Dennis said."This is my first time. I want somebody who looks good."

I think the most interesting thing about this video is how much concern Dennis shows for his partner.

He's tender but rough, and you can tell he wants to make sure that Evan is enjoying himself.

Which Evan did!

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