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Jay was recruited into collegiate football right out of high school.

"I had several universities that were interested," he said.

He chose one, and was linebacker on his team for two years before he decided college wasn't for him.

"It was fun," he said. "There were hot girls everywhere."

Yeah, being a good-looking linebacker is probably up there on the list of "How to Attract Hot Girls."

"But," he added, "I was kind of bored."

So what did he do instead?

"I decided I wanted to go to culinary school," he said. "I want to start my own restaurant when I'm done."

Apparently he's quite the chef. And the girls he dates love it!

"It's the best way to a woman's heart!" he said.

(I think that translates to: the best way to get a woman into bed.)

"A nice romantic dinner with candles. They love it."

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