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Jay & Evan

Jay & Evan

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Here are a couple of firsts that I am very excited about!

First of all, Jay is back to get his hairy ass fucked!

And second, Evan finally gets his turn to do some pounding!

Jay definitely took some work. He's straight as they come, but he's so fucking good looking I had to keep telling myself, "Whatever it takes..."

It's funny in the interview where he recounts what happened:

"It took a little bit," he explained.

"How many phone calls went back and forth?"

"Three or four," he said with a smile. (It was a lot more than that!)

"How many times did you say no?"

"Four or five," he said, laughing.

Fortunately, he decided he wanted to come back and try something new.

"My virgin butt hole cherry popped," as he put it.

I was also excited with Evan's new role. He's been an energetic bottom who's gotten some good fuckings, and now it was his turn.

Of course, he was nervous.

"He's a big guy," Evan said, looking at Jay.

And Jay took it like a champ!

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